For each tank its cover

Enhance your project with our bespoke solutions



Our sliding and tension covers are designed to prevent water freezing, odor and evaporation.



Floating covers to reduce odors, GHG, VOC, for recovering rainwater and methane.


Drinking water

Tense or sliding covers for limiting photosynthesis, evaporation, frost and for the protection of your tanks.


Swimming pool

Thermal covers designed to achieve high energy savings.

a range of bespoke covers

Flexible covers

The range of AQUACIF ® and OLFACIF® flexible covers are designed to confine basins of sewage treatment plants, drinking water stations, and of the food and chemical industry:

  • sliding or tense for your coagulation , flocculation, sedimentation , nitrification, flotation and filtration tanks
  • mobile for your mobile or swing bridges

Floating covers

The range of COVERGAZ® floating covers is designed for leachate and methane lagoons.

Thermal covers

The range of ISOFORCE thermal covers and CIFFROLL reels are designed for collective or public pools.


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