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OLFACIF® cover

We offer a variety of different covers that will satisfy all of your needs throughout your facility. This includes preprocessing, primary and secondary treatment, as well as refining.

Our basin covers are flexible and designed to minimize odors, prevent water freezing, and evaporation. We have many different fabrics that are priced to suit your needs. Our product provides covers that are resistant to high concentrations of methane (CH4) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). The solution for industrial tank we offer, has a variety of covers resistant to acids, basic pH, and hydrocarbons.


Our products

Discover our range covers : sliding , tense, manual or motorized ...

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Accessories and options

Our covers adapts all your needs and accessories.

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Buffer/Storm tank

Tension covers for storm and buffer tanks.

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Covers following the movement of the scraper bridge.

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Primary treatment

Tense or sliding covers for decanter.

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Secondary treatment

Sliding covers for decanter, aeration tanks...

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Tertiary treatment

Sliding covers for filters and clarifiers before discharge.

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Sludge treatment

Tense covers for sludge silos : thickening , flotation , mixing ...

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