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Buffer/Storm tank

The covers OLFACIF®


Buffer and storm tanks are designed to regulate water on entry. This is to ensure safety and protect the environment. We recommend covering these tanks.

The soft tank covers we offer, are designed to control odor, water freezing and evaporation. We will help you select a coated fabric specific to your needs. Our covers are resistant to high concentrations of methane (CH4) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and specially designed for waste water treatment work. Cover specifically for industrial tanks are resitant to acids and basic pH as well as hydrocarbons.



Our covers are designed to custom fit all of your structures.

The main advantages of our covers :

  • Lightweight and contemporary styling
  • Safe and cost effective solution
  • Fabrics are specifically designed for H2S, NH3, hydrocarbons and solvents
  • Structure is designed to resist to a wide array of atmospheric conditions and temperatures
  • Highly durable product