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Sludge treatment


Waste water treatment produces sewage sludge that is often treated in separate facilities. For practical reasons, it is recommended to dehydrate and thicken the sludge before evacuating. The sludge silos are key in this step and the implementation of our covers will ensure rainwater is removed while also limiting odors.

Our fabrics are available with antistatic properties for a utilsiation in hazardous areas .


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Sludge tank

Confine your silos to limit odors, algae blooms and prevent rainwater from entering.

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Sliding or tense covers for your silos.

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Confine your silos maintains the settings of your tanks.

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Mixture tank

Our covers will limit odors and algae blooms.

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Specific treatment (pre-digestion, Hydrolysis...)

Confining your silos prevents odors , frost, and rainwater entry

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Unloading area

To prevent spattering and to deodorize the loading area.

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Storage box

Protect your stocks with our weatherproof covers for box.

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